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Welcome To Shree Financial

Shree Financial has established itself as one of the Fastest Growing Investment Firm with a Mission to Make Peoples Dream Come True by Following a Systematic Approach.

Doing the ‘right’ thing is a virtue most desirable. The difference between success and failure is often, not dictated by knowledge or expertise, but by its actual application and perseverance. When it comes to successful wealth creation for clients, it is something that we believe in & practice. For us it is more than a mission; it is what defines our lives and our actions at Shree Financial.

With this passion, we continue to evolve and make the right product accessions and service innovations in our offerings.

Our passion has seen us grow from strength to strength and expand rapidly, setting new benchmarks in the process. But to us, what really matters the most is the number of lives we have managed to transform and we still have a long way to go. Shree Financial takes pride in being a professionally managed, quality focused and customer centric firm. The strength lies in the strong domain knowledge in investment consultancy and the delivery of sustainable value to clients.

Our Services

Comphrensive Financial Planning

Financial security doesn’t happen through luck or by accident. We can assist you in planning for your future - so you can move forward with confidence.

Goal Based Planning

Helping you pursue personally meaningful goals. At Shree Financial, we believe that true financial success is achieved when your portfolio enables you to reach your goals.

Debt Management

Debt is usually a symptom of a core issue rooted in psychology and money management skill-set. Under-earning, impulse-spending, living in a money fog.

Estate Planning

Distributing your wealth among your loved ones is one of the most important aspect of your financial plan success. Wills and Trusts protect & ensure smooth transmission to the right beneficiaries”

Retirement Planning

We let you focus on what you do best. At Shreefinancial we understand your present needs and long-term life goals, and help you to figure out a tailored made plan which is appropriate for your retirement goal.

Training and Workshop

We work on the steps to eliminate financial stress, establish meaningful goals and enrich People’s life by sharing our wisdom. This in turn helps in increasing productivity and performance.

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Happy Clients

I always thought that I was very good at financial planning. I had multiple investments across various instruments and I was confident that I'm doing the right thing....until I met Nishith. After meeting him I realized how insufficient my financial planning had been. With his approach of goal based planning, I feel financially more stronger due to two things: right level of investment into future and a investment discipline. Thanks Nishith. I would luv to continue working with you. Nishith also has got the right experience, knowledge and service infrastructure to support the needs of his customers.

Jitesh Lal Senior Consultant at CTS – Massachusettts - US

Earn, save and spend is traditional thought Told to me , I inherited the same and practice the same till I met Nishith. Nishith twiked the term save as INVEST it is a awesome change in a finance life of me. He shared wealth of investment knowledge to me and supported me to practice and implement the INVESTMENT.I followed his advised and see that what he said and what it result out is TRUE. I would say if you need your money to make money for u. Without my second thought I will point Nishith .This is not sales pitch its pitch to make your ball (money) to bounce high then u expect .I felt the experience you invest your experience.

Sai Anand Natrajan Business Analyst at Gavs Technology - Australia

“It was in 2008 that I got to know of Shree Financial and I am very glad that I dealt with Nishith. He was able to explain good investment options to a novice like me and I am very fortunate to have him as a guide and consultant who is trustworthy and intelligent too. I was able to very easily plan for my son’s education and also my investments. Shree Financial is very straight forward and highly customer oriented.”

Girish Vashishth PPM at Renault Nissan, Chennai – India

"Nishith has been my financial consultant for over 7 years now. I have enjoyed and appreciated every bit of his quick response service as well as his advice on finance matters. I would definitely recommend him as your financial consultant mainly because of his knowledge and Quick response. I have always got his physical response within 12 hrs anytime I get in touch with him"

Sooraj Sitaram Manager at L&T Technology Services, Chennai - India

I am associated with Nishith for the past few months; he really loves in working for his clients. He provides good advice and adds value to the client investments. Nishith handles the risk profile quite well. The long term view of the clients requirements were taken into account and he provides investment advice, this is very much required for the individual investors.

RM Shanmugam Regional Senior Manager Costing, Sibelco Asia, Malaysia

"I have been dealing with Nishith for last 6 plus years. For sure 2 things comes first to my mind are; Integrity & Client interest. Nishith has always ensured client interest is maintained and client is served with highest levels of integrity. When you are financially planning your investments for the loved ones of your family definitely you need a financial planner on whom you can rely completely without any doubt. Good luck you are doing great job."

Saurabh Taparia Senior Finance Manager at Landmark Group - Lifestyle LLC - UAE

While I have worked for most of my adult life and so has my husband, we did not put a lot of priority on financial planning. We were content to let our savings accounts grow, put excess amounts in fixed deposits and generally invest in jewelry or a bit of real estate and a comfortable car, taking advantage of what we thought were good deals on loans. The discussion we had with Nishith was a big eye-opener.
We understood how we would always be in debt, not provide adequately for emergencies and retirement. We had assumed that since we had enough surplus every month to pay our EMIs, we were comfortable. Only after the detailed financial planning conducted by Nishith, did we understand that we were losing a lot of money with long-term high-interest loans, and were parking surplus funds in areas where the funds were not really working for us. Thanks to the action plan thoughtfully created by Nishith, we are now on our way to closing all our loans, investing money where it makes optimal sense and leads us to financial security. I would encourage my children to follow the advice of a financial planner like Nishith right from a very young age, and definitely as soon as they start earning.

Lakshmi Priya Radhakrishnan Chennai

I am writing this to thank you for your ever practical guidance on our investment portfolio. With your in-depth market knowledge and acumen of market volatility, we have benefited to a great extent. We appreciate your thirst to deliver the best to your clients, be it in your educational videos, smart messages or mailers they all have alerted and helped us avoid any hasty decisions in investments. Your reminders have been of immense help for timely payments of our purchases. These are the few basic services that keep you ahead of your competitors and because of your sharp advice, we (your clients) are ahead of others.
We are happy to be associated with you for so many years. Our best wishes for growing together. Also happy to see the regular software upgrades you have been doing and adapting the latest technology for our enhanced experience.

Bhavesh Shah Chennai

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