At Shree Financial, we understand that Non Resident Indians from across the globe have additional aspects to investing in India. Most NRIs exhibit a strong desire to build an India focused portfolio as a part of their overall financial plan, but lack the advice on the right strategy to build it. The perceived complexities around the advisory and execution processes, inadequate access to relevant information on their non home market, lack of communication and concerns around taxation may be holding them back from allocating the resources that they would have ideally liked to allocate.

We believe that India focused investments need to be an integral part of every NRI’s portfolio, irrespective of whether or not they plan to come back to India. This belief is driven by the fact that the India of today offers a wide range of growth opportunities due to extremely favorable demographics, a predominantly domestic consumption story, and high growth and savings rates.

We believe that we are well positioned to offer a wide range of financial solutions to meet different needs that NRI portfolios may have. Shree Financial NRI services provide NRIs and their families with investment solutions, with the goal of sustaining and growing long-term wealth.

We help clients with Investment solutions through a process involving risk profiling and meticulous selection of financial products. We review the investments regularly for ascertaining the portfolio risk-return and recommend a portfolio makeover and/or rebalancing as and when appropriate, in line with the agreed tolerance for risk.

Besides helping you plan for your financial goals, we keep in mind repatriation rules and taxation when investing on your behalf.

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