Goal Based Solution

Helping you pursue personally meaningful goals

At Shree Financial, we believe that true financial success is achieved when your portfolio enables you to reach your goals. While benchmarks such as Equity, Debt and Gold can be useful tools for evaluating portfolio performance, focusing on what matters to you on a personal level – such as a child’s education, a new home or income in retirement – helps you in creating an investment approach that’s customized to address your unique set of concerns and goals.

Some of the Key Benefits

Implementing Shree Financial Goals-Based approach ensure that your goal and Priorities are clearly understood and can support Dynamic Investing over time to help you Pursue those Goals

The SFGB Approach encourages us in Understanding your Life Situation, Financial Resources, Investment Personality, Concerns, Goals and Priorities. We will Help you to Articulate and Prioritize your Goals, and make informed decisions when trade off may be necessary. With a Clear view of who you are as an Investor, we can work with you to select an appropriate mix of solutions that makes the most efficient use of your financial resources.

As Your Life and the Market Change, take the time to meet us to measure Progress towards your Goals – Not Just Performance against Investment Benchmarks. Continued Engagement can help you Pursue the Investment Outcomes that are most meaningful to you over time

How can you get started?

  • Make a List of the Concerns you want to address and Goals you would like to Pursue
  • Start thinking about Your Annual Spending
  • Consider the resources you have available

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