Why US

Values– Our Value Systems are intact and Client Interest foremost. Integrity, and Fiduciary Capacity of our client, is of paramount importance. We always work in the interest of the client and suggest the best possible solution given the information available to us. We are transparent about our services, fees and what we can and cannot deliver and the same is communicated in our Letter of Engagement with our clients.

We provide Personalised, Customised and Consistent Advice. We cut the jargon. We almost always deliver more than we promise.

Trust- We walk our talk. We practise what we preach. Trust is an important ingredient between both the planner and the advisor for a professional relationship to nurture and grow.

We are not product centric, only Solution Centric.

Competence- Our Research involves in-depth analysis of investment options and recommendations, are based on scientific data. Every recommendation made is backed with information and data supporting our decision and selection process.

We take cognisance of the risk tolerance of the client and suggest options commensurate with the risk profile.

Technology Driven- Our Reporting and Financial Plan platform thrives on technology, and our reports are up-to date and easy to understand.

We follow Asset Allocation based on goals, time horizon and risk profile for every client and rebalance portfolios at regular intervals.

No Minimum Criteria

We do not have any minimum Networth or AUM criteria much like others. We engage with people from all walks of life i.e. whether with substantial assets or just started career or looking for self-learning, as we firmly believe that financial planning is made for everyone.

Professional Qualifications

Nishith Baldevdas is a Registered Investment Adviser, a CFP, MBA from Madras University and has over 11 years of experience in financial advisory.

Fudiciary Standard

As a registered adviser with SEBI, we adhere to a fudiciary standard, which simply means that we are required by law to act in the best interest of clients by following a stringent compliance. Additionally, we follow the code of conduct laid down by FPSB, India. This ensures you engage a planner who works totally in your interest.

No Vague Services

We do a process oriented work. All our meetings, with prospects or clients, are scheduled well in advance. We work on a strategic review process with a predefined agenda which ensures that your financial planning matters are addressed at the right time. In-Depth Discussions.

We don’t believe in short cuts and so all discussions, with prospects or clients, are in depth to make you understand thoroughly before you reach to any conclusion. This ensures that your queries or doubts are addressed in detail so that you are able to enhance your awareness on your personal finance matters.

Respond Promptly

We respect your queries and so you will hear from us promptly as you raise them.

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