Financial Planning for Special Needs

The Planning for future revolves around two generations – for special child and for yourself. Most of the time child planning takes the center stage due to financial constraint and complexities involved in financial & non-financial matters. As a result other life goal such as your retirement or second child upbringing is impacted.

With a team of expert specializing in assisting special children families, we work with you in developing strategies that can incorporate your personal goals, child concerns, and savings for the future. Our services are built around financial and non-financial aspects of planning for your future.


  • Cash Flow Management
  • Retirement planning incorporating needs of the special need
  • Planning for the special need including cost analysis of the financial & non-financial support, residential needs, government entitlements, introducing other professional/agencies
  • Insurance planning including concern of the death/disability of parent or guardian
  • Estate Planning including guidance on appointing a guardian, formation of a will or a trust for the special need Tax Planning
  • Other Important Financial goals
  • Discussion with other professionals for assisting on services where we do not have expertise

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